Basic Types of Multi-Unit Development Projects in Australia

10 June 2022

House prices will likely rise in the coming years given the demand for living spaces that are proportionately becoming higher. For this reason, several housing developers and property owners saw this as a good investment opportunity and began investing in multi-unit developments. Investing in a multi-development project in Australia is a potential income generation investment in the future which induces a sheer number of investors to turn intoinvestingin multi-unit development projects. If you are considering investing in multi-unit development but you want to know which type to invest in, here are the basic types of a multi-unit development in Australia.


One of the basic types of multi-unit development projects is triplex. They are usually made of three separate dwelling space units built asone structure. Triplex is built with three separate residential units, but shares walls and roofing structures and they are usually owned by a single owner. The advantage ofchoosing a triplex house, if you are looking to invest in a huge multi-development project, is they can generate high income.


Townhouses also offer several benefits that other types of multi-unit development don’t have. They offer great value for money and are less pricey than the standalone living spaces. Not only this, but the townhouse also offers added security because of the security gate that the residential premises provide. This means you don’t have to constantly worry about burglaries and house intruders.


Duplexes share a common wall. They have two adjoining dwelling spaces that are built in one structure. In contrast to other types of multi-unit developments, duplexes have one common central wall for the two housing units. Duplexes are a more affordable house option than detached houses. The beauty of investing in duplexes is they provide you with more options and extra room space.


Another basic type of multi-unit development is apartments. Living in an apartment can be a very convenient living arrangement because of the proximity to shopping and entertainment centres. And considering the financial aspect of renting, renting an apartment is generally more affordable and cheaper than a mortgage.

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