Double vs Single Storey House: Which is the Right One for You?

24 October 2022

When building a house, there are many factors to consider, and deciding whether to go with a single or double-storey layout may be at the top of the list. Budget, lifestyle choices and land suitability will all influence the decision you finally make. To help you decide which type of home is best for you, we’ve highlighted the main advantages and downsides of both double and single-storey homes.

Consider The Overall Cost

Double-storey homes are normally slightly more expensive than single-storey homes, but that’s not the only pricing concern. With a double-storey structure, you may anticipate spending at least 10% more money, but you also gain access to a larger yard. If yard space is not a constraint, a double-storey structure can be successfully constructed on a small lot without compromising the size of the living spaces. The continuous costs of heating and cooling your home are important to highlight. If you frequently use air conditioning, single-story homes might be much less expensive in this regard.

Think About Your Lifestyle and the Age of your Family

Simply from a safety standpoint, double-storey living is often less popular with families with very small children. Steep staircases and greater space to move around can make new parents a bit apprehensive. It is important to consider whether stairs will be an issue if you intend to care for elderly relatives now or in the future.

Consider The Aspect of Neighbouring Properties

If your property has good natural vistas, it can be worth considering building on two stories to make use of them. With a double-story home, you may also maximise the thermal advantages of natural light. Living spaces are increasingly being placed on the top floor to make use of these advantages, leaving bedrooms on the lower floor. If you live in home development, it’s important to take the aspect of nearby properties into account as well. If all the other homes on the street are single-story homes, some homeowners do not want their property to tower over others.

The Added Privacy

The additional privacy that double-storey homes can provide for different family members is a major benefit. Families with teenagers can arrange their bedroom layout for more solitude so that the master bedroom is upstairs and the other bedrooms are below. This is particularly advantageous if you care for elderly relatives and want to give them as much space as possible.

The Appearance of Your Property

In this situation, the perception of beauty is crucial. While some like the lower facade of single-storey homes, double-storey residences are frequently thought to be more luxurious and attractive. Whatever choice you make, a crucial factor in resale should be how your property appears from the road.

At Superior Home Builders, we understand how crucial it is to provide a variety of single- and double-story homes. We pledge to provide amiable, trustworthy service in addition to our renowned level of quality craftsmanship. From the original design concepts and planning through to the finishing touches, our staff takes great satisfaction in its work, working with you to overcome obstacles and implement workable solutions to build the house of your dreams. Contact us today to get started on your next construction project.

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