Things to Consider Before Building a Second-Storey Addition

27 September 2022

You should seek the advice of real professionals when deciding whether to include a second story in your home extension. A regular handyman or DIY specialist cannot complete this type of task. Before constructing a second-story addition, homeowners must also consider many factors.

Before making a final choice, you should carefully consider the following factors below:

Your Project Budget

The most expensive building project in this category is adding a second storey to a home, so your family needs to consider your financial choices. It is advised to seek the help of experts like Superior Home Builders. We are committed professionals who can accurately summarise all expenses required to construct a second story properly.

This does not mean you should give up on your plans for a second-storey extension because of the cost. If you love your house and area or if your lot is too small to “build out,” it may be the perfect decision in some cases.

Decide Whether Partial or Full Addition

If you do decide that adding a second storey to your home is the right move for you, you may need to choose between building a full addition that equals the size of your current level and a partial addition that is smaller in size. Both approaches can add space effectively, but in some cases, a partial second-storey addition will provide you with the exact amount of square footage you require at a lesser cost and with fewer complications. Make sure it complements the rest of your home and is aesthetically beautiful if you only add a portion of a second storey.

Permit and Approvals 

A single-room renovation is discrete and only perceptible from the inside. A new storey, though, is likely to affect the nearby residents. Therefore, to comply with the city council, local zoning, and neighbourhood restrictions, home additions of this size will need several planning approvals and costs. Depending on where you reside, you might also need to meet building requirements to withstand extreme weather. Final designs must have council planning permission in areas vulnerable to storms, flooding, or fires.

Fortunately, working with Superior Home Builders enables a completely hands-off experience with this frequently challenging process.

Assess Your House Structure and Foundation

The house needs to be inspected to ensure the structure is sound before starting anything. This ensures that both the existing foundation and the land will be suitable for constructing a vertical extension.

Engineers will need to determine whether or not the pressure can be tolerated because upward home additions and renovations will surely add extra weight to the house. An architect will be required to weigh in at this stage of the design process to assess how challenging installing staircases will be.

Consider Your Project Timeline

If your addition is substantial, you may want to plan around the weather in your area. “When” you’ll build up is just about as crucial as “how.” It will be challenging to frame the new storey, lay the subfloor, and remove the roof during the rainy season. You might also want to plan around major life events, your children’s school schedules, or anything else that might be challenging to negotiate during a big makeover since they can interrupt your home life.

A top-notch professional team of builders from Superior Home Builders will take care to ensure that your daily life is disrupted as little as possible while still achieving the best build possible. However, there may be some inevitable disruption. Make sure your family is aware of this so you can make appropriate plans. Contact us today!

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