What Makes a Multi-Unit Development Worth the Investment in Melbourne?

10 October 2022

While several markets have been unstable in recent years, the real estate industry has remained solid. It makes sense because there will always be a need for housing everywhere, especially in liveable places like Melbourne.

Superior Home Builders is frequently approached by clients interested in multi-unit developments but unsure if it is the best financial opportunity for them. Of course, this will depend on your site, design, and personal situation, but a multi-unit development can provide a significant return on investment when planned, developed, and built well. Continue reading to find out why we believe multi-unit developments are a good investment in Melbourne.

Why Choose Multi-Unit Properties?

Melbourne is often regarded as one of the world’s best and most liveable cities. With amazing infrastructure, a superb education system, a highly effective transportation system, and a plethora of cafes and restaurants, it’s no surprise that living within city limits is in high demand.

A well-planned, high-quality multi-unit property in a good downtown location would pique the interest of investors. At the end of the day, multi-unit construction is all about supply and demand, and if there is a high need for affordable, accessible housing in a specific stratum of the city, we believe it might be an excellent investment.

Why Embark on a Multi-Unit Construction at This Time?

According to studies, the desire for multi-unit living has been increasing for some time. There are millions of people in Melbourne that live in multi-unit dwellings like those living in apartments and townhouses, according to data from the 2021 Census. We anticipate an increase in demand for multi-unit developments over the next two decades as people seek to capitalise on the growing real estate market.

What is The Expected Return on Investment?

When you engage in a multi-unit development, you are essentially investing in multiple properties at the same time. Assume you hire Superior Home Builders to construct a three-unit building; once completed, you will have three units that can be sold, rented, or lived in. This offers the prospect of generating money from several units rather than a single property.

While constructing a custom home is likely to yield a return on investment when the time comes to sell, a multi-unit development allows you to produce money immediately if you so desire. While you get income from rent, the land value is expected to rise, resulting in a secondary return on investment if you sell in the future.

How to Ensure a Fail-Safe Investment on Multi-Unit Properties?

Quality and design are critical to the success of multi-unit development. Of course, you should be as smart and cost-effective as possible with your design and features, but this should never come at the expense of quality; otherwise, your property will not attract buyers or tenants. You want to emphasise minimalism, space, and modern style.

A committed builder with years of experience will be able to walk you through the best strategy to design a financially successful multi-unit property.

Want to start your multi-unit development in Melbourne? Consult Superior Home Builders’ knowledgeable staff now. We provide various construction services depending on what you need. We will assist you every step of the way, from home design through planning permission to the actual construction of your ideal home or property. Contact us today at 0438 922 966 to begin your next construction project.

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