Common Residential Structural Problems that Need to Be Addressed Immediately

12 May 2021

Whether you are renovating your current home or buying another home that was built a few years ago, you should be sure to have it inspected for any needed structural updates or repairs. Although some improvements can be made at a later date, other common residential structural problems should be given immediate attention. If you have a family member who is a home designer, builder or contractor, ask them to evaluate the entire house for its safety and soundness.

Common Home Structural Problems That Need Immediate Correction

Commonly occurring residential structural problems that need immediate attention and correction when they are discovered include the following:

  • Home Foundation Weaknesses. Any weak areas of the foundation of your current or prospective new home that are discovered must be repaired right away. This helps prevent any additional damage to the house. It will also prevent you from incurring heavy expenses later on due to extensive and essential repairs.
  • Cracks in Interior and Exterior Walls. Any cracks in your home’s indoor or outside walling need immediate repairing. Although those defects in the exterior walls should be addressed first, indoor cracking should be repaired next. Repairing cracks in the outside walls’ brick, stone, wood or engineered siding is especially important for preventing serious water leakage and damage to the wall structure. However, repairing any indoor cracking in walls is also important to avoid any falling plaster or buckling in wall surfaces. Take time to have the ceilings checked as well for any signs of weakness or cracking.
  • Damage to Roofing. Any loose or missing shingles or tiles on the roof of your house require fast and thorough repairing or replacement. The first areas of major water leakage in homes from the outside are cracks and broken areas in the roofing material. Be sure to take advantage of the warm weather months for making these repairs. This will enable you to have a sound roof during rain or snowstorms in cold weather.
  • Faulty Sealing around Windows and Skylights. If your home has older windows or skylights, their frames may now have weakened seals. This may cause serious water leakage during stormy weather as well as increased energy bills in both hot and cold weather due to the lack of good insulation.
  • Weak Staircases and Steps. If your home has interior staircases or outdoor steps leading up to your second-floor deck, be sure to have them examined for safe use. There can sometimes be weakened or deteriorated areas of the structure of stairs that are not obvious from the outside. Especially in humid climates and for outdoor steps, check for any rotting or splintering sections of wood and make all needed repairs.

By contacting our building and renovations experts at Superior Home Builders servicing the Melbourne Peninsula, East and South East Suburbs, you can obtain top-quality advice concerning any areas of your home that need immediate rebuilding or repairs. Our experienced team will perform a thorough inspection of your entire home to identify any structural weaknesses or damage that need immediate professional attention and correction.


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