House Extension Projects that Will Help Boost Your Property Value

15 February 2021

Home properties are designed to effectively provide a warm and comfortable living space for families. They are also comprised of welcoming features and elements that can create good impressions to neighbours and visitors. But as time passes by, the value of some properties can deteriorate quickly, forcing property owners to find ways just to enhance and boost the value of their properties again.

One kind of project that can effectively boost the value of home properties is house extension. House extension projects can provide around 20% increase to the total value of properties, which is already a high percentage considering the level of deterioration of some property elements. Aside from enhancing the monetary value of the property, house extension projects can also improve the everyday life of occupants since they add more areas that can be both functional and appealing.

Some of the house extension projects that you incorporate to your property are as follows:

Conservatory Extensions

If your family wants to get more sunshine even without being exposed directly to sunlight, then a conservatory extension would be great for your property. This specific structure is often filled with special types of glass so it can let in natural light. During the day, the conservatory can provide a great view of the surroundings. At night, the same structure can be a great place to have a glimpse of the night sky.

Conversion of the Loft

When it comes to maximising existing spaces in properties, loft conversions can truly fill these areas to make them functional. Converting the spaces of the loft can be great for you if your family wants to gain one or two spare bedrooms. Loft conversions can also be done if your home needs additional bathroom or home office. This specific project can even be used for acquiring more entertainment spaces.

Addition of a Floor Area

Another notable house extension project that can boost the value of your home property is the addition of another floor. Many property owners would normally go for floor addition as it can easily add monetary and functional value to the whole house. The added floor can be designed to have more bedrooms, bathrooms, storage rooms, and even a living room. And since the added floor is elevated, the outdoor view from the said level can be stunning and mesmerising.

Expanding Outwards

While adding a floor area can be great for properties, expanding outwards can also offer great benefits to your property. Outward expansions can grant you a space to add one room or more. From bedroom to a kitchen area, expanding outwards are actually preferred by many as it is normally cheaper to build. Just make sure that the slope of your land property can effectively cater to this type of house extension.

If you need some help in planning for and fulfilling your house extension project, you can contact us at Superior Home Builders. We provide construction services across Melbourne, delivering beautiful homes for our valued clientele. Our highly skilled team specialises in new homes, extensions, renovations, multi-unit developments and complex custom structural work.


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