How to Choose the Right Floor Plan When Building a New House

26 May 2021

When finalising the plans for building a new house, be sure that you have chosen the right floor plan. You want all aspects of your new home to suit your preferences and needs. It will help to examine the floor plan of your current home carefully. Decide what you especially like about it and what needs changes. Then think about ways to alter the floor plan that you have grown accustomed to improve.

Ensuring That the Floor Plan for Your New Home Will Be Right for You

You can make sure that the floor plan that you and your building team have selected for your new house is right for you by examining the following aspects of your home life:

  1. Noise Level. If you plan to include an office in your new home, it should be on the opposite side of the house from your children’s bedrooms or playroom. If possible, position the office at the back of your house in a quiet corner. Your utility room and/or mudroom should also be a reasonable distance away from the office.
  2. Stairs. If navigating stairs is difficult for anyone in your household, you may want to build a single-level home. Many families with small children or toddlers prefer single-level houses for safety reasons. Yet having a multilevel home with stairs helps separate bedrooms from living rooms, dens and other living spaces that can be noisy.
  1. Bonus or Flex Rooms. Having an extra living space as a bonus or flex room to use as needed can be a great benefit. After moving into your new house, you may decide to set up a movie screening room, a music or art studio or exercise space. Having this extra living area that you can do whatever you like with can be a true luxury.
  2. Open Floor Plan. Having an open floor plan, especially in family living areas, can work well for some people. Others may prefer having separate rooms throughout the house. If you and the other members of your household prefer the peace, quiet and privacy provided by a series of separate rooms on each floor, open-space living is not the best for you.
  3. Bedrooms and Bathrooms. You should plan the number and layout of your new home’s bedrooms and baths carefully before finalising your floor plan. If possible, include at least one guest room with an adjoining bath. Of course, your master bedroom should be an en suite design for total convenience and comfort.
  4. Entryway. Your new home’s entryway should be both fashionable and functional. While providing adequate space for easy entry and exit of your house, it should be attractive and welcoming to guests.

If members of your household will leave coats, jackets, hats, boots and other outerwear in the entryway, plan extra entryway space. Leave room to install a coat closet, attractive cabinets or closed shelving and hanging spaces to accommodate these items of clothing and accessories.

When you consult our experts at Superior Home Builders servicing Melbourne Peninsula, East and South East Suburbs, you will obtain top-quality advice about creating a floor plan for your new house.

Our well-experienced home renovating and building team will guide you to finalising the ideal layout for your new home. Our experts will ensure that all aspects of your new house design will fully meet and even surpass all of your expectations, desires and needs.

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