Site Survey and Soil Report: Why is it Needed Before Home Building?

26 March 2021

If you are in the early stages of planning to build a new home, you may wonder why you need to obtain a site survey and soil report for your property. Before you progress from your ideas and visions for a new home into the planning and design stages, you are required to have your property evaluated. The survey and report will reveal any problems that may arise requiring engineering services.

Although there are many important aspects of home building that you need to consider before the start of your project, this survey and report are essential. By scheduling a thorough evaluation of your property before any excavation or building begins, you can avoid dealing with serious issues later on.

Proof that your land is approved for building can save you time, money, mishaps and headaches during your project. If your land passes inspection, you will also have records that your property is approved for the construction of your new home.

Important Data That Your Site Survey and Soil Report Will Show

Your property’s site survey and soil report will evaluate many different qualities and characteristics of your land, including the following aspects:

Site Survey

A professionally conducted site survey of your property will identify all of the major conditions of your land that are relevant to the building. These aspects and conditions include levels, current dwellings and any existing outbuildings. Primary trees, fences and services are also noted and examined. Levels are necessary for correct measurement of the fall of your property along with requirements about walls, ramps or split levels.

Your site survey will also examine details relative to adjoining property, such as the position of current dwellings, any windows, trees and private open areas. This thorough evaluation of your site will determine whether all aspects of your new home construction will comply with local building regulations.

The survey will address the heights, setbacks, site coverage, overlooking and overshadowing as well as the private open space of your new home as it is planned. The major regulations to be complied with are ResCode stipulations or Victorian Building Regulations and certain council property overlays.

 Soil Report

The varied classifications of your property’s soil report will decide the structural design and layout of your new house. This report will also determine the required drainage during the building and following the completion of your new home. The purpose of these requirements is to provide adequate protection for the structure’s foundations. If your building project is in the “P” category, as most home building projects are, the following conditions will be considered:


  • Soft soils
  • Trees, both existing and previously removed
  • Buildings, demolished or existing
  • Land known to be subject to flooding
  • Erosion management conditions or problems
  • Any reactive conditions like unusual or excessive moisture

With the use of this report, the soil on your land will be classified to determine how your home will be designed and built. It will also determine whether an engineer must oversee the design of your new home’s footings and foundation. The overall purpose of your report is to make certain that your property and new home will comply with all of the local or regional required building regulations and standards.

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