The Importance of Wall Cladding System in House Construction

09 June 2021

Wall cladding is a building procedure that consists of layering one material on top of another to form a “skin” covering the wall. This process protects the building exterior from harsh weather conditions and undesirable or damaging elements in the air and environment. Cladding also helps prevent water leakage through the walls into the interior rooms of a building. Cladding materials may include wood, brick, and metal, imitation stone or plastic. The most metal cladding material is aluminium or galvanised steel.

Important Advantages of Using a Wall Cladding System in House Construction

Major advantages of using wall cladding methods in the construction of a house include the following:

  • Protecting a House Exterior. When building a house, using exterior wall cladding can protect the home from exterior damage during rain or snowstorms or hash, windy weather. While maintaining the sound external construction of the home, the cladding also helps keep the interior walls dry with its strong waterproofing capacity. Especially with the strong, tightly layered cladding materials in place, most leakage can be prevented.
  • Lowering Maintenance Costs. Once the exterior cladding is secured to the outside walls, little or no maintenance is required to keep it strong and effective. Each layered material provides extra strength and air-tight protection for the wall construction, both external and interior. Cladding can save homeowners valuable time and money since virtually no major upkeep is necessary.
  • Providing Protection from Air Pollution. Exterior home cladding offers good protection from air pollutants as well. Because its layers prevent cracks from developing in outside home walling, cladding does not allow outdoor airflow to enter your home through the walls. Even in strong, blustery wind storms, the tightly installed cladding materials will prevent air and the pollutants that it carries from invading your home’s interior spaces.
  • Improving Home Insulation.Superior quality cladding on the exterior walls of your house can improve the quality of your home’s insulation significantly. Your house will stay warmer in cold winter weather and cooler during the sweltering days of summer. Your home heating, cooling and general ventilation systems will work more smoothly and efficiently. In addition, your monthly energy bills will be lower throughout the year.

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